Sinar BeanPro Moisture Analyser
  • Fast – accurate moisture results in 6 seconds
  • Designed for Coffee – displays both moisture and density results
  • Portable – rugged construction, light enough to carry with you. Comes in a carry case and battery powered
  • Fully Automatic – no charts, scales or thermometers required
  • Easy to use – Just pour in the sample press 2 buttons and the BeanPro gives you the information you need to make the right decisions
  • Flexible – can measure Green Beans, Roast Beans, Parchment and even Ground Coffee
Product Introduction

The Sinar BeanPro Moisture Analyser is the newest coffee moisture analyser in our range.
Designed specifically for the exacting requirements of the coffee market it is optimised for measuring moisture, density and temperature in coffee beans. Whether you are a coffee grower, coffee trader or a coffee roaster the Sinar BeanPro is the instrument for you.
The Sinar BeanPro is battery powered, features a backlit LCD display and comes complete with its own carry case. The Sinar BeanPro can be used wherever you require precise, accurate results.

Product Description

The Sinar BeanPro simultaneously measures the moisture content, density and temperature of a coffee sample in less than 6 seconds. It will measure whole beans or ground Coffee with the minimum of effort making it ideal for use next to a roaster to check green beans or freshly roast beans. It’s also fully portable allowing you to take
it where ever you need to measure Coffee moisture.

The Sinar BeanPro uses the latest technology so you can measure your Coffee samples with the minimum of preparation. Simply fill the hopper with whole beans, choose the type of Coffee you’re measuring and the results are displayed in seconds. The Sinar BeanPro also displays the temperature and the density of the Coffee beans in g/l.

The Sinar BeanPro can store calibrations for up to 25 different Coffee types e.g. Green Whole Beans, Decaf Whole Green Beans etc. allowing it to be tailored to your exact needs. It’s easy to use backlit alphanumeric display means that switching from measuring one commodity to another is as simple as choosing from a list.

You can also connect a printer (supplied separately) or link the BeanPro directly into your computer to store your results.

The Sinar BeanPro will revolutionise the way you measure your Coffee’s moisture and density.

Product Features

Accuracy:                          Typically 0.3 STD for %mc and 1.0 g/l STD for density
Repeatability:                   0.05 to 0.15 STD for %mc
Measurement Range:     1 to 35% mc dependant on application
Operating Environment: 0 to 55 °C
Dimensions:                      325mm x 164mm x 120 mm
Weight:                              2.2 kg
Power Supply:                  4 x C size 1.5V Alkaline Batteries
Sample Cell:                     290ml Volume, 50 – 240g
Printer Output:                  RS232C, 300 or 4800 baud
Processor:                         Intel 8DC31 microprocessor
Memory:                            35K EPROM, 32K RAM

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