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Coffee Pro offers a wide range of professional courses including internationally-recognized Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) courses from foundation through to a professional level including five main modules. They are Green bean, Sensory skills, Barista skills, Roasting and Grinding & Brewing techniques. Please download the brochure or call us on for advice.

City & Guilds (C&G)

About C&G International Award in Barista Skills 7102-62
The City & Guilds is a global leader in skills development, providing- services to training providers, employers, and trainees across a variety of sectors to meet the needs of today’s workplace. City & Guilds offers more than 500 qualifications over the whole range of industry sectors through 8500 colleges and training providers in 81 countries worldwide.

This course is three days in length. It offers comprehensive training and education in barista skills that range from the history of the coffee bean to customer service. The qualification you will receive is accredited by both City & Guilds.

You will study and learn about:

  • The origin of coffee, the plant, process and distribution across the globe
  • Understanding the product, de-caf, flavours and blending
  • Espresso, learning about what makes the perfect shot of coffee
  • Coffee grinders, learning how they work and how to work with them to make perfect espresso
  • How to steam milk, learn about how to produce micro-foam, the tiny bubbles that make a drink sweet, more-ish and delicious
  • Coffee drinks menu, you will cover all the drinks and how to achieve a balanced taste, consistency and fantastic appearance when serving to your customer
  • The origin of tea, from green to oolong, an essential area for baristas to know about, but often forgotten
  • Filter coffee, the variety of brewing methods and the technique and taste behind them
  • Water quality and filtration, an integral part of the product and process that is important to understand
  • Smoothies, recipes and technique will be covered
  • The origin of cocoa, the plant, harvest and process that is involved in making chocolate
  • Professional customer service, looking at how to manage your customers needs, requests, complements and complaints

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Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)

About the Q Grader Program
The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) designed the Q Grader program to create a skilled and credible body of specialty Arabica coffee cuppers. The role of these cuppers is to consistently and accurately assess coffee quality, both cup and grade, as a part of its Q Coffee System. Today, that program is the only internationally recognized certificate system for Arabica coffee cuppers.
Q Graders are recognized as cuppers as skilled to:

  • Objectively assess coffee quality
  • Identify, quantify and articulate coffee characteristics
  • Detect coffee defects
  • Communicate coffee characteristics using common industry terminology

An intensive 4+6 days training course and exam in which students will learn the cupping and grading protocols required of a certified Q Grader. This course prepares students for the Q Grader Exam by teaching an overview of green coffee grading, roasted sample identification, and roasted grading tests using the SCAA standards, protocols, and cupping forms. The course provides the training necessary to attempt to pass the twenty tests given during the Q Graders exam.
Upon successful completion of the Q Grader program, certified Q Graders are permitted to evaluate Arabica coffees for CQI or a CQI In-country Partner. A Q Grader certificate is valid for three (3) years and is renewable upon completion of an accredited calibration offered by an authorized instructor.

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Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA)

The SCAA has also been at the forefront of developing and promoting specialty coffee and is committed to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing industry by setting and maintaining standards, expanding our professional certification programs, conducting industry-specific research, and providing even more opportunities to connect, exchange, and work together so our industry continues to thrive.

SCAA offer members every opportunity for success through education, training, resources and business services. This focus has enabled the association to grow into the world’s largest coffee trade association, with members representing more than 40 countries and every segment of the specialty coffee industry, from growers to roasters and retailers.

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Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE)

About the Coffee Diploma System

The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) is the world leading professional organisation promoting excellence in quality coffee, drawing together professionals from all aspects of the coffee industry.

Six different modules exist in different disciplines, each with three levels of qualification, Foundation, Intermediate & Professional (apart form the Introduction to Coffee which is just one level).

For every module you can gain points for each level of qualification taken, and when you have achieved 100 points you will be awareded your coffee diploma. It is your choice on the modules you take to get you to 100 points.

Below are the 3 levels of modules and courses available:

Foundation level
The foundation level provides a first taste of a particular coffee discipline. A great way to get initial insight into the basic skills in an area and help you decide if you want to go on to learn more.
Intermediate Level
Suitable for those already working in the area with a firm knowledge of the basic skills.
Professional Level
The Professional level is suitable for those wanting to pursue specialist knowledge at a high level in the subject.

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